Trump picks NJ Governor Christie to head shift team

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Monday he has chosen New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a rival turned ally, to lead his White House transition group as he prepares for the basic election project.

" Governor Christie is a very well-informed and loyal person with the tools and resources to assemble an unequaled Transition Team, one that will be prepared to take over the White House when we win in November," Trump stated in a statement.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee in the Nov. 8 presidential election, said Christie will supervise an "extensive team."

Christie supported Trump after dropping out of the 2016 Republican main race in February and has actually been campaigning with the New York billionaire.

Trump's project said the candidate was moving into a basic election mode and "implementing an infrastructure capable of securing a victory including making key hires, building a finance operation to benefit the Republican Party and unifying the party by working with several Republican leaders now voicing their support for Mr. Trump and his candidateship."