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               Company profile
      Company Profile
      Company History
      Organizational Structure
      Qualifications & Honors
      Company Culture
      Company Snapshot
      Major Customers
      Development strategy
             Company Profile
          Topsun Electronics is a professional design, manufacture and sale of flexible circuit boards (FPC) and SMT supporting assembly (FPCA) of the national hightech enterprises.

         Topsun electronics to keep pace with the times, adhere to the survive with high quality,develop with credibility,take the customer as the center" of the quality policy, based on the huge space for development of FPC, adhere to the long-term cooperation, strengthen construction technology center, to enhance the capability of independent innovation;

         Has expanded the new plant in 2014-2015, and the introduction of the world's advanced production equipment over the same period, forming an annual output of 600 thousand square meters of various types of FPC and 220 Million FPCA parts production capacity,at the same time, the full implementation of fine management, so as to establish a first-class brand in the FPC industry. Independent innovation, continuous improvement, to provide customers with more competitive products, and contribute to the community is Topsun Electronics committed to the pursuit of the goal.

      TOPSUN&FPC Overview

      Foundation: October 2002


      Topsun Elect ronic Technol ogyH ong K ong C o. , Lt d.

      Topsun Electronics SingaporeCo. , Lt d.

      Japan Office of TopSun

      ZhuHai Topsun Circuit Co. , Lt d. 

      NanZhang TopSun Electronic Technology Co. , Lt d.

      Construction Area of head quarter : 48,000 m2

      Capital : CYN 70.3  Million

      All rights reserved Copyright (C) 2015 Zhuhai China Eagle Topsun Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
      Tel:(86)0756-8819666       Fax:(86)0756-8819689
      Address:17 Xianggong Road, Hongwan, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province
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