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                   Company profile
          Company Profile
          Company History
          Organizational Structure
          Qualifications & Honors
          Company Culture
          Company Snapshot
          Major Customers
          Development strategy
                 Company History

          October 2002, zhuhai Topsun electronic technology co., LTD was registered

          April 2004, R&D Centre established

          Jun 2004, research & study Centre of Chinese electronic university set up

          Jul 2004, technologized manufacturing Co. granted by technology board, Zhuhai city government.

          Jul 2004, ISO9001:2002 version certificated

          Aug 2004, committee member of IPC

          Dec 2004, ISO14001:2004 version certificated

          Jun 2005, Advanced technologized company granted by technology board of Guangdong province

          Jul 2005, registered brand TOPSUN&PFC

          Aug 2005, listed as greatly supported companies by Zhuhai city government

          Dec 2006, engineering research Centre of flexible circuit board for Zhuhai city established

          May 2007, TS16949 certificated

          Nov 2007, renamed as Topsun Zhuhai electronics technology Co., Ltd

          Jan 2008, Zhuhai Subsidiary Laboratory of National Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated Devices established

          Feb 2009,  tradmark ofTopsun&FPC was qualified as the famous brand of guangdong province

          April 2009,  establishment of guangdong Engineer Technology Research & Development Center of TigidFlex printed citcuit

          May 2009, the high-new technology enterprise of China

          December 2009, was identified as clean production enterprises in guangdong province

          Jan 2010, brand-names product of Guangdong Province

          In September 2010 to get "adopting international standard product symbol certificate".

          Jan 2011, certificated as well-standardized Co.,

          Aug 2011, certificated as High-tech Co.,

          Mar 2012, OHSAS1800 certificated

          Aug 2012, commonweal-enthused Co., awarded

          July 2013, create the nanchang Topsun electronics co., LTD.

          Nov 2013, certificated as innovative Co., in Guangdong province

          Dec 2014, completed standard IPC-2223C for flexible circuit board as a major participator

          May 2015, create Topsun electronics (Singapore) co., LTD.

          Jun 2015, QC080000 certificated

          Oct 2015, ISO13485 certificated

          Nov 2015, create Topsun electronic office in Japan

          In 2006-2015 calendar year for printed circuit board industry enterprises of China

          All rights reserved Copyright (C) 2015 Zhuhai China Eagle Topsun Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
          Tel:(86)0756-8819666       Fax:(86)0756-8819689
          Address:17 Xianggong Road, Hongwan, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province
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